Explore the Ford EcoSport in Boise Today!

The EcoSport compact crossover SUV by Ford is a popular vehicle. It has reached this level of popularity because of the flexibility of its cargo and seating area. The rear seats offer two covering options, including leather with cloth inserts or all leather. No matter which one you choose, your passengers will have plenty of room to relax.

The amenities of the EcoSport don't stop there. If your riders like to use their devices while you drive, they are in luck. The Ford EcoSport uses AT&T services and functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It does not...



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Get Behind the Wheel of the Ford Fiesta ST

Don't let the playful design of the Ford Fiesta ST fool you; this car was built for speed. The Ford Fiesta ST is a popular hatchback that makes performance vehicles affordable for the masses.

Drivers love their Ford Fiesta cars so much that they traveled across the country for the 2017 ST Meetup. It's no surprise that the Fiesta ST has a cult following. The 1.6L Ti-VCT EcoBoost generates an impressive 197 horsepower along with 202 pounds per foot torque. 

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Technology Features That Come in the Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST is the perfect compact performance hatchback if you are concerned about your safety on the road. These features will certainly help with your decision.

One of the unique features in the Ford Focus ST is the Electronic Brake Assist system. When you need to bring the vehicle to a stop, whether to avoid a collision or hitting a pedestrian, in addition to hitting your brakes, this system assists with applying extra power to all the wheels to bring the vehicle to a stop faster without skidding. 

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Check Out the 2018 Ford Edge Capability Features

Are you in search of a new crossover SUV? If so, the 2018 Ford Edge is an ideal choice. Not only does the new model come equipped with a spacious interior and stylish exterior, but it also comes packed with capability features that make it a top choice among crossover SUVs. Read further to learn about the capability features that are included with the new model.

The 2018 Ford Edge offers an innovative All-Wheel Drive (AWD) System. This system relies on sensors to continuously monitor the traction during extreme weather conditions. The torque is accurately balanced between the rear and…

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Safety First with the 2018 Ford Escape

The 2018 Ford Escape is not just fun to drive, its advanced technology puts your safety first. If you are taking that corner or curve too fast, the Escape’s Curve Control senses your speed and automatically slows you down. Standard Torque Vectoring Control transfers power to the wheels that need it most to keep you stable.

If you start to slide, fishtail, oversteer, or understeer, two gyro sensors measure yaw and roll and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control engages to help you maintain control on ice, gravel, or wet pavement.

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The Ford Super Duty is a Fantastic Heavy-Duty Option

The Ford Super Duty is a popular truck among working professionals. This truck is able to haul significant loads, and it has exceptional towing capabilities. The Ford Super Duty is built to be tough.

The body of the Ford Super Duty is made of very strong, military-grade, aluminum. This makes the truck lighter, but it increases the overall durability. The aluminum construction makes the Ford Super Duty more resistant to rust and body damage. The frame of the truck is made of high-strength steel. This allows the truck to have the highest payload rating of any other brand of truck…

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Read About These Notable Interior Features That are Offered With the 2018 Ford Expedition

Finding a vehicle that meets your needs can be easily achieved if you understand the features that each vehicle you have in mind has to offer. If you are in search of a superior full-size SUV, we invite you to read about the interior features that are offered with the 2018 Ford Expedition.

The new SUV comes with a Cargo Management System. This system helps you keep your items securely in place with the use of an adjustable storage shelf that is located behind the third row of seats. In addition, the new Expedition also offers optional leather-trimmed front bucket…

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What to Do About Your Tire Pressure Troubles

If your tire pressure seems low or your warning light comes on, you should head to the gas station and do a quick PSI check with the tire pressure gauge. Your correct PSI is labeled on the tire, or you can find it in the vehicle owner's manual. If your tire pressure is low and causing problems, you may be driving in unsafe conditions.

Newer cars have tire pressure warning lights that will alert you when the tire pressure drops below a certain amount. If there is any tire damage, you may get the warning light again and need…

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The Tech Features in The All-New Ford Taurus Help Keep It at The Head of The Pack

Drivers who want a full-size sedan that is an industry leader in all the important categories like safety, comfort, style, quality, and reliability should have a good look at the all-new Ford Taurus during their search. The Taurus has long been seen as an industry leader in its class, and that remains true for the latest model year.

Drivers of the all-new Taurus are also going to see why the available tech features help keep it in the forefront of the automotive industry. Some of these features include:

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Find Comfortable Seating in the Ford C-Max Hybrid

Ford developed the C-Max Hybrid wagon to feel spacious, though it is a medium sized SUV. With the unique extra-large windows, more light inside the cabin adds to a spacious feel. With a seating capacity of five, it would seem that the C-Max would feel crowded, but it does not.

The seating in the Ford C-Max Hybrid provides space and comfort for all five occupants. The driver’s seat comes standard with a 10-way power adjustment. The driver’s seat sits higher to provide more visibility. Both front seats consist of a durable cloth that...

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