At Lithia Ford Lincoln of Boise, our parts department team recognizes the importance of having reliable, quality tires on every vehicle, with a good amount of tread depth to keep you safely on the roads. As winter approaches our area, this is a great time to consider picking up a new set.

With an annual average of 18 inches of snow, we're fortunate around here that we don't necessarily have to invest in the sturdy snow tires that drivers in other locations have to consider every year. Our winter average is a manageable amount on snow. But that doesn't make the tires you do have any less important.

Whether you prefer the peace of mind of snow tires or you ride on all-season tires year-round, our team can help you make sure that whatever you're riding on these days is in tiptop shape and ready to keep you safe.

Contact us soon or schedule an appointment and let's inspect your existing tires and see what your course of action should be this winter, and throughout the rest of the year as well.

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