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What to Do About Your Tire Pressure Troubles

If your tire pressure seems low or your warning light comes on, you should head to the gas station and do a quick PSI check with the tire pressure gauge. Your correct PSI is labeled on the tire, or you can find it in the vehicle owner's manual. If your tire pressure is low and causing problems, you may be driving in unsafe conditions.

Newer cars have tire pressure warning lights that will alert you when the tire pressure drops below a certain amount. If there is any tire damage, you may get the warning light again and need…

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What is a Transfer Case?

The transfer case may consist of either a chain or a set of gears, but its function is the same. It allows you to shift your SUV from two-wheel to a four-wheel drive movement.

It adjusts the gear ratio and speed of all the tires by using the driveshaft on the front and rear axles. Once the adjustment is made, the vehicle’s speed is reduced, and the tires are able to move at the same speed. It’s an important element if you’re in a road condition where you need extra traction.

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Timing Belts and How They Should be Serviced

While timing belts are used in syncing pistons and engine valves, steel lines and hoses are used in transferring coolants, fuel and brake fluid throughout the car. As such, a car that has hoses leaking or belts cracking is a sign that the car will soon break down. How do you solve things before they get worse?

Since all car manufacturers have recommended service and maintenance schedules, it is always important to follow the schedules or any other alterations as advised by your dealership. Nonetheless, you always need a dealership that has experienced and expert individuals who can handle...

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