Have you seen the latest from Ford? The new 2020 Explorer has incredible performance features, such as a twin turbo V6 engine in the Platinum and ST trims. However, even at the base, you'll get more performance out of this SUV than any other in the midsize SUV class. In fact, you can get 400 horsepower from the Platinum and ST trims. If you're looking for fuel efficiency, you may want to try Ford's latest hybrid engine in the EcoBoost options, which has its own class.

The Ford Explorer is an outstanding SUV for performance handling. You'll hug the road and feel like your SUV is lightweight, while still getting heavy duty safety features and sharp steering. It's an incredible 10-speed automatic transmission SUV that comes standard with the base engine. All of the trims feature a turbocharged engine as well, so you'll get 300 horsepower even in the standard trim.

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