Take on the Rough Terrain With the 2019 Ford Ranger

Being able to confidently take on different surfaces and terrains is a reason that many people buy their vehicles. One of the vehicles that you should look into for this reason is the 2019 Ford Ranger. We at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Boise see this vehicle as one of the examples of a reliable and tough vehicle.

The feature that makes it easier for people to drive on tougher terrains is the off-road ground clearance feature. The steel-frame and the mounted bumpers give the vehicle everything that is needed so that it can take on the surfaces other than the paved roads.

Another feature for the ride is the Electronic-Locking Rear Differential. When this particular feature is turned on, it will optimize the traction at both wheels at the same time so that you will be able to maintain control of your vehicle. You can get a glimpse of the performance of the Ford Ranger with a test drive.



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