The Ford Super Duty is a Fantastic Heavy-Duty Option

The Ford Super Duty is a popular truck among working professionals. This truck is able to haul significant loads, and it has exceptional towing capabilities. The Ford Super Duty is built to be tough.

The body of the Ford Super Duty is made of very strong, military-grade, aluminum. This makes the truck lighter, but it increases the overall durability. The aluminum construction makes the Ford Super Duty more resistant to rust and body damage. The frame of the truck is made of high-strength steel. This allows the truck to have the highest payload rating of any other brand of truck that is in the same class. The truck's strong axles contribute to the high payload rating.

If you want a strong truck, take a look at the Ford Super Duty. Come to Lithia Ford Lincoln of Boise and test drive this truck. You can check out all of the features that make this truck special.



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