While timing belts are used in syncing pistons and engine valves, steel lines and hoses are used in transferring coolants, fuel and brake fluid throughout the car. As such, a car that has hoses leaking or belts cracking is a sign that the car will soon break down. How do you solve things before they get worse?

Since all car manufacturers have recommended service and maintenance schedules, it is always important to follow the schedules or any other alterations as advised by your dealership. Nonetheless, you always need a dealership that has experienced and expert individuals who can handle the job.

Get to one of our service professionals at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Boise for more details about belts and hoses. We will also advise you on ways to keep your hoses and belts last longer, and how to know it is time to have a changeover. In case of any other repairs, we will also be happy to assist.

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